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The Gringo Tambo blog welcomes contributions from social scientists (construed broadly) who have conducted original research in or about Bolivia, regardless of nationality, disciplinary training, profession, employment, or place of residence. We welcome contributions in the forms listed below. Please contact Clare Sammells if you wish to participate or have any questions.

Gringo Tambo Blog

This blog is a collaborative group effort, and always welcomes new authors to submit both one-time posts and ongoing contributions.

Requirements for blog posts:
1) Contributors decide on their own topics; there are no deadlines or length requirements.
2) Posts may be in English, Spanish, Aymara, Quechua, or Guarani.
3) Authors must use their real names.
4) Authors are responsible for the content of their own posts, although the moderators reserve the right to request changes or refuse to publish submitted posts.

Blog Commentators

Everyone is welcome to comment on the blog. You are not required to use your real name.  While we welcome diverse opinions, we reserve the right to edit or delete comments that are disruptive or irrelevant.  Also please note that your first comment on our blog will be moderated in an effort to reduce spam, so there will be a delay before it posts.

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